Avilution's eXtensible Flight System

Avilution's core product, XFS, is software-based framework that integrates disparate avionic components into a single, unified, avionics experience. However, XFS is much more!

eXtensible Flight System

In it's most simplest form, XFS can be used to build a graphical interface for a radio, show and/or log engine monitoring system(s), or drive and monitor the state of switches and/or relays.

Unification of Avionics

In it's appropriate role, XFS is the hub of the entire avionics system driving multiple displays and unifying all the aircraft's subsystems. XFS has a long list of safety features that supports true stateless redundancy, self-healing, and data accuracy verification.


The eXtended Flight System is software running on common microprocessors, updates, enhancements, and additional features are easily added due to the flexibility of the software.

Equipment Flexibility

This extensible framework benefits the aircraft owner/operator and the avionics industry because it provides a common "data bus" for inter-operateability between vendors while always keeping the user interface the same.


Avilution's ECBs (electronic circuit breakers) supports a robust, redundant and distributed architecture which can save significant weight by greatly reducing the number of wires required to power and control devices spread throughout an aircraft.


Avilution's flight display technology allows modular support of buttons and screens with standard computers providing the ultimate flexibility to both the system integrator as well as the software developer.

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